Wireless Microphone Rental

Asim Audio Services supply and hire professional and commercial public address sound equipment and wireless microphone systems. Wireless Microphone Rental install and maintain public address equipment, 100v line PA sound systems, wireless microphones. Our wireless microphone system includes one receiver and four handheld microphones/transmitters, each of which has 100 selectable channels so it’s much easier to avoid any unpleasant interference from other sources and for easy system expansion as well. Up to 4 wireless microphone channels may be used simultaneously on Channel 70 using this and additional equipment. Offering faithful sound reproduction and reliable operation in a variety of settings and situations, Gemini’s UHF-116 series gives you the power to elevate your performance with total freedom of mobility.

  • Multi-frequency UHF diversity wireless microphone PLL receiver.
  • True diversity UHF systems.
  • 80 selectable UHF deregulated channels (863-865 MHz) – license-free Ch. 70 in the UK & EU.
  • Up to 4 systems can be used at the same time.
  • ACT function for transmitting the selected frequency to the hand or pocket transmitter via an infrared signal.
  • Automatic scan to ensure you use a clear frequency.
  • Volume and squelch controls.
  • Indication of the channel, antenna A/B, ACT status, and AF audio level on the receiver.
  • Indication of channel and battery status on transmitters.
  • Stable metal housing on the receiver for rejection of RF noise etc.

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